PIC Team

PIC Environmental Services advocates performing quality work, streamling expenses, and delivering on time. PIC credits its success to its staff’s personal commitment to each client, and pride in professional excellence. Every project manager and registered professional has “hands-on” experience with the entire environmental sector: from field work, to report writing, to communications with regulatory agencies and clientele. PIC attributes these “hands-on” experiences to result in satisfied clients, thus creating PIC’s greatest marketing tool: repeat business and referrals.

PIC’s staff includes professionals with advanced degrees and registrations/certifications in environmental, geological, petroleum, and geochemical sciences, and years of experience in many facets of the environmental arena. With such extensive and diverse experiences, PIC can expertly guide you through issues such as due diligence (including Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Transactional Screening), assessments (including Phase II Site Assessment), compliance (including stormwater monitoring and permitting), mitigation and abatement, monitoring (including groundwater sampling and testing), and permitting (including leaking underground storage tanks and unauthorized releases).